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Bootstrap Responsive Template for CMSMS with Multilingual support


*** New version 1.1 is available now! ***

All prior customers of 011 will get update for $14 single license / $29 multiple license *** please check your email ***
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  • CMS Made Simple 2.2.14 to be installed (latest recommended).
    Server requirements: minimum version of PHP 5.4.11 and the Phar library enabled. Recommended: PHP 7.1 or 7.2.
  • Module Gallery
  • Module CGBetterForms
  • Module CGGoogleMaps2
  • Module CGSmartImage toolkit
  • Module CGBlog
  • Module LISE
  • Module Captcha


  • Multilingual support - check live demo, we are using 3 language setup which should be adopted to users use case
  • Bootstrap based responsive template 
    (1,2 or 3 columns)
  • Full width slider based on Swiper slider and Gallery
  • Blog styles and templates with CGBlog
  • Contact form and Google map
  • Font Awesome icons 5 Free implemented
  • Open Sans font included
  • Parallax image effects based on stellar.js script
  • Gallery of images based in Magnific Popup script
  • Team, Services, Products, FAQs pages
  • Menu: dropdown top (3 levels), mobile navigation

Package contains

  • Theme XML file (template, stylesheets)
  • Additional files (images, css, js)
  • Gallery XML files for Slider and Photo gallery
  • Blog Summary and Detail Templates
  • Search Template
  • CGBetterFormsTemplate
  • Detailed HTML documentation

What's new in v1.1

  • Multilingual support (check Live Demo, 3 languages setup with instructions how to adopt the files)

New template files

  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Master (logic moved to template inheritance)
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Home Video
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - News
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - 404 Page not found
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Global Settings (big footer)
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Portfolio
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Services
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Team
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - FAQs


Updated template files

  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Home
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Gallery
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Contact

New files and other updated files

  • buddy011_v1.1-main stylesheet
  • init.js - main javascript file
  • Font Awesome updated to version 5.10.2
  • Swiper plugin replaced Flexslider for image slider
  • Bootstap updated to 4.3.1
  • Isotope plugin added
  • External JS libraries updated to the latest versions

Important Note

Although we've included most of commonly used features for building a website, there is no template that could cover all possible situations. So feel free to modify this Template to your needs.

Photos for Live Demo are mostly from and are not included in the Template package.

Template files included

After importing the design, go to Layout > Design Manager > Templates, you should see a list of sub templates with a name Buddy011_v1.1. These includes page layout templates that you can assign to different pages, but also templates related to navigation, global content and all required modules.

  • new Buddy011_v1.1 - Master - we moved to using template inheritance, and all other templates are extensions of this one. It would be good to make it non listable to content editors, and use caution for changing anything inside this template as this could break your site.
  • There are 12 layout Core::page templates ( v1.1 - 7 new templates ) that you can assign to pages. 
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - Global Settings - this template holds data for big footer that is set as global content block, see below how to set it.
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - footer-content is Core::Generic templates for showing Copyright info to the very bottom of all pages. To edit content just edit this template directly.
  • Buddy011_v1.1 - 404 page not found is Core::page template for showing 404 error page. Create new page, assign this template to it and make Content type as Error page. Now just fill in the text in the editor and click Submit. Result should be like this page: 404 - Page not found!
  • Modules templates: LISE, News, CGBetterForms.
  • Navigator templates: Main navigation, Footer navigation, Mobile Navigation, Breadcrumbs.