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Full free Template (Theme) for CMS Made Simple


This item is in the update process, currently not available. Thank you.


  • CMS Made Simple 1.11.3 - 1.11.10
  • Module Gallery
  • Module FormBuilder


  • 2 columns, 960px fix width
  • best at 1024x768 or higher

Package contains

  • Theme XML file (template, stylesheet, design images, js files)
  • Gallery XML files for Slider and Photo gallery
  • News Summary and Detail Templates (News title on the title of the page)
  • Search Template
  • FormBuilder Template
  • Instructions - README_FIRST.txt

Important Note

Although we've included most of commonly used features for building a website, there is no template that could cover all possible situations. So feel free to modify this Template to your needs.

Photos for slider and gallery images in Live Demo are courtesy of and are not included in the Template package.

Customizable parts / Content page tabs (options)

Please refer to README_FIRST.txt for Installation instructions and Terms of Use.
When you assign the Template to a page, you have several options which controls the page:

Main (tab)

Content type:
Content (deafult)
This is a main browsers title in a page. You should type in most significant keywords, for good SEO.
Menu text
Text for how the page will show in menus.
If you want the page to be a children of another page, here you set its parent.
This is a standard CMSMS Content block (required).
Main Page Title:
This is actual title that will show on a page frontend - h2 tag.

Header (tab)

Display Header Slider
Set '+' to show or '-' to hide Header Slideshow. Default is '-' i.e. hidden.
Gallery Module foldername for Header Slideshow
You have to put a name that you have set in Gallery Module as a slider gallery.
Display Breadcrumbs
Set '+' to show or '-' to hide Breadcrumbs. Default is '+' i.e. displayed.
Display Search
Set '+' to show or '-' to hide Search. Default is '+' i.e. displayed.

Sidebar (tab)

Display Sidebar Menu
Set '+' to show or '-' to hide Sidebar Menu (sub navigation). Default is '+' i.e. displayed.
Display News
Set '+' to show or '-' to hide News. Default is '+' i.e. displayed.
Sliding News on/off
Set '+' to activate or '-' to turn off News sliding effect. Default is '+' i.e. activated.
Sidebar content block
Sidebar block which appears below News block. It is not reuqired, if left empty it will not show on a page.

Footer (tab)

Display 'To Top of the page' link
Set '+' to display or '-' to hide link. Default is '+' i.e. displayed.
Display Footer Menu
Set '+' to display or '-' to hide Footer Menu. Default is '+' i.e. displayed.
Display Validation Icons
Set '+' to display or '-' to hide Validation Icons in footer. Default is '+' i.e. displayed.

Options (tab)

Standard CMSMS options tab, where you set page-alias, metadata etc. Here you set template for this page, which should already be set to tpl-buddy-001 : Default as per installation instructions.